In this video, hear from Camila Moreira, ‘25, and Taiane Magalhaes, ‘25, as they discuss EducationUSA’s South American LLM tour. Adriana Aguena, Assistant Director of Graduate and International Programs at McGeorge School of Law, will be traveling to Brazil from October 16-21, 2023 to recruit prospective students at EducationUSA. She will visit São Paulo,

Adriana Aguena, LLM ‘12, decided to pursue an LLM degree because she saw it an opportunity to further her career as well as to live in the United States and learn about the culture and the opportunities in the legal field. Aguena is originally from São Paulo, Brazil.

Aguena’s favorite course was Legal English,

Faith Olofintuyi graduated from McGeorge School of Law with an LLM degree in U.S. Law and Policy in 2017. Olofintuyi chose to get an LLM degree to expand his network in the legal community. Olofintuyi is originally from Nigeria, and moved to the U.S. to start his LLM studies.

During his legal studies, Olofintuyi

Members of McGeorge School of Law’s Class of 2023 thank those who supported them throughout their law school journeys. From friends to colleagues to family members to faculty, the McGeorge School of Law Class of 2023 expressed their gratitude for those who helped make their dreams come true. Congratulations, Class of 2023!

Thank you

Alumna Wafa Hoballah, ’87, specializes in international law and immigration law, representing clients across the globe in business, commercial, and corporate law. She earned an LLM degree in 1987 from McGeorge School of Law.

Hoballah is originally from Lebanon. She serves on McGeorge’s International Board of Advisors. She said the board is a great

Adriana Aguena, Assistant Director of Graduate & International Programs, speaks with McGeorge School of Law alumni about how the LLM program changed their career trajectories. They answer various questions and share their experiences in this video.

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Misael Gutierrez, LLM ’22, recently graduated from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law’s LLM in U.S. Law & Policy Program. He is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico. Gutierrez pursued an LLM degree to challenge himself personally and professionally as well as to open doors to new career opportunities.

In this video, Gutierrez