The Hon. Margaret Kuroda Masunaga, ’87, is a retired district judge who served the District Court of the Third Circuit in Hawai’i. Judge Masunaga had a lengthy career of public service in Hawai’i in various capacities before serving on the bench for six years.

Judge Masunaga said her favorite professor at McGeorge School of

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Pacific McGeorge School of Law prepares students to capably manage the public sector processes and effectively implement public policy decisions. Mat Olson, ’18; Jenny Rodriquez, ’19; Trey Hunter, ’19; and Lacee Solis, ’21, discuss why they decided to get an MPA degree, what drew them to McGeorge,

The Hon. Arthur Scotland, ’74, originally chose McGeorge School of Law for its economics, its reputation, and its contacts with the local community. Scotland was attracted to McGeorge’s student-centered focus and the distinguished faculty. From the very beginning, he knew that McGeorge was, and always will be the perfect law school for him.


Professor Dan Croxall, ‘08, shares his journey from teaching English at Cal Poly at a young age to his experience of being an evening student at McGeorge School of Law, which transformed into his current position as a professor at his alma mater.

Croxall’s dual perspective as both a former student and professor allows

Kevan Rolfness, ’19, decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy at McGeorge School of Law because he believed that it would give him the toolkit needed to further his career. Rolfness is a Housing Policy Specialist at the California Department of Housing and Community Development, and he uses the skills he learned at

Professor Lindsay Harrington is the Director of Bar Support and an Assistant Professor of Law and Legal Practice at McGeorge School of Law. During her time at McGeorge, Harrington was grateful to have mentors at McGeorge that allowed her to grow as a young lawyer. In this video, Harrington talks about the many

Faizan Hussain, ’22, first came to the U.S. and McGeorge School of Law from Pakistan to study U.S Law and Policy. Already having a Bachelor’s degree and an LLM from his home country, Hussain decided his next steps were to get an LLM in the U.S., and then a JSD. He decided to come