Anna Karen Estrada, ’24, shed a light on what a typical day looks for her as a law student at McGeorge School of Law, from her alarm clock going off to hitting the pillow. A typical day is filled with coffee, preparing for class, studying in the library, attending classes, spending time with close

Selena Martinez is a third-year student at McGeorge School of Law. 

I decided to go to law school to help others within my community. I never wanted anyone to feel they could not help themselves out of a bad situation. It was not until after attending McGeorge School of Law

Fernando Almaraz, ’23, está en el Programa de Honores Acelerados (AHP) en la Escuela de Leyes McGeorge. Almaraz escogió perseguir sus estudios legales en McGeorge por varias razones: El programa AHP provee una manera más rapida de terminar la escuela de leyes que la ruta tradicional de tres años, la ubicación de McGeorge en