What is the Alumni Association Board of Directors? 

The University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors comprises a passionate group of alumni volunteers dedicated to advancing their interests and bolstering the welfare of the esteemed McGeorge School of Law. With a collective mission to serve as the authoritative voice

District attorneys (DAs) are elected officials entrusted with representing their county or judicial district. At the heart of their responsibilities lies the weighty task of evaluating evidence gathered by law enforcement, which involves a nuanced assessment to determine the viability of pursuing criminal charges. Once a decision is made, the DA steps into the courtroom,

A woman poses for a photo.
Gael Mueller, ’85

Alumni Gael Mueller and Joel Loquvam, founders of the Lambda Law Students Association in 1982, played crucial roles in advocating for the LGBTQ+ community on the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law campus. Their efforts paved the way for greater acceptance and inclusion within the

Sue Ann Van Dermyden, ’93

Sue Ann Van Dermyden, ’93, is a founding and senior partner of Van Dermyden Makus Law Corporation and managing partner of the firm’s San Diego office. She has been an employment attorney since 1993. Since 2006, her practice focuses on conducting workplace and Title

Emmanuel “Mickey” Ortega serves as the president of the University of Saint Anthony in the Philippines.

Emmanuel “Mickey” Ortega, ’20, is a passionate advocate for global citizenship who has made a significant impact in the Philippines and beyond. Born in Iriga City, Philippines, Ortega earned his undergraduate degree from the

Parker White, ‘80, credits his passion for trial advocacy to the University of Pacific McGeorge School of Law and continues to demonstrate dedication to legal education and philanthropy.  

White’s passion for politics led him to McGeorge School of Law, where he excelled in mock trial competitions and discovered his passion for trial work.  

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