Tetiana Shamrai, LLM ’11
Welcome to Tetiana Shamrai, LLM ’11, a lawyer from Ukraine who now practices in the city of Ghent, Belgium.
  1. Tetiana, how did you decide to pursue your LLM at McGeorge?

In my final year of legal studies in Ukraine, I attended lectures by American and Canadian

Kristine Kwong, '92
Kristine Kwong, ’92, received recognition as a minority leader of influence in the Los Angeles Business Journal in 2023.

Kristine Kwong, ‘92, is a sought-after trainer and has presented numerous training programs throughout the country. In her professional career, Kwong has trained more than 1,000 government agencies and college districts,

Darrin Lim, ’04, was the keynote speaker at McGeorge School of Law’s Unity Graduation in May 2022.

Darrin Lim, ’04, is the co-founder and partner of Politicom Law LLP, an innovative and leading political compliance law firm based in Sausalito, California.

Lim supports some of the largest corporations throughout the

The Hon. Johnnie B. Rawlinson, ’79.

The Hon. Johnnie Blakeney Rawlinson, ’79, was the first woman and the first Person of Color to serve on the Federal District Court in Nevada. Judge Rawlinson was also the first African-American woman to sit on the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Steve Martini, ’74.

Steve Martini, ’74, was a journalist and remains a lawyer and novelist. Martini has published 17 legal novels.

He came to Sacramento in July 1970 from Los Angeles as the Capitol correspondent and bureau chief for the Los Angeles Daily Journal. He began law school at McGeorge

Analea Patterson, ‘03.

Analea Patterson, ‘03, is the secretary of cabinet affairs for California Gov. Gavin Newsom, serving as the governor’s principal official responsible for managing state government for the fourth largest economy in the world. In this role, she oversees the work of all state agencies and departments within

The Hon. Jack Duran Jr., ’02, serves as the Chief Justice of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Supreme Court in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

The Hon. Jack Duran, Jr. is the grandson of first-generation Mexican immigrants and an affiliate with an El Paso, Texas Tribal Pueblo. Duran’s grandparents were farm workers

Mark K. Slaughter, ’02.

Mark K. Slaughter, ‘02, has dedicated nearly 20 years to the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office and has handled cases ranging from traffic infractions to homicides. He is the supervising attorney of the Juvenile Division of the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office. 

Prior to this,