The Hon. Rajinder Rai-Nielsen, ’01, started her own law practice three years ago in Reno, Nevada. She previously served as an administrative law judge for 10.5 years under three different Nevada governors.

Rai-Nielsen decided to pursue her legal education at McGeorge because of the knowledgeable faculty, who continually demonstrate their love of both teaching and the law. “They love to teach, and it’s infectious,” she said.

Rai-Nielsen was also drawn to McGeorge School of Law because of the campus community and the on-campus housing that is offered to students. She is still close friends with many of her law school classmates.

Rai-Nielsen decided to get involved with the Alumni Association Board of Directors because McGeorge School of Law holds a special place in her heart and appreciated the opportunities she had as a student at McGeorge, which inspired her to give back to the institution.

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