A man in a suit smiles for a portrait
Adjunct Professor Chris Micheli is a McGeorge School of Law alumnus and longtime lobbyist. Photo by Ashley Golledge.

As a proud McGeorge School of Law graduate of the Class of 1992 day division, Adjunct Professor for the past 8 years, and member of the Capital Center for Law & Policy Advisory Board, I am always happy to meet and advise current and prospective students, particularly in the Capital Lawyering Concentration. One of the main points I repeatedly make is that we have such a large, diverse, and successful alumni network at McGeorge, particularly in the capital lawyering field.

As a result, graduates have many opportunities to connect with alumni who are practicing law or they are engaged in government affairs work, or are employed by local, state, or federal government bodies. That means McGeorge graduates can connect with lots of experts in the capital lawyering field and hopefully find mentors and alumni who will provide career advice and perhaps even become colleagues in the future.

Since I was recruited to teach at McGeorge, interacting with students is the most rewarding aspect. I enjoy sharing my passion for the lawmaking process and explaining in detail what I do as a lobbyist and why a career in public service or the public policy arena can be exciting, challenging, and meaningful. My students also get to meet and talk with leading government and private sector figures who share their interesting career development and often how law school influenced their work and career paths. The Capital Lawyering Concentration at McGeorge is a unique program that prepares our graduates for successful public service careers, and it is a privilege to be a part of it.

By Chris Micheli, ’92. Micheli is a lobbyist with Aprea & Micheli and an adjunct professor at the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law.