Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Larry Levine teaches a class at McGeorge School of Law in 2022. Photo by Ashley Golledge.

Larry Levine is an esteemed leader in the LGBTQ+ rights movement and a beloved University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law professor. Levine has served as the Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at McGeorge School of Law since June 2021 and the Gordon D. Schaber Health Law & Policy Professor of Law since 2020. He joined the law faculty in 1985. 

He established McGeorge’s Jeffrey K. Poilé Memorial Civil Rights Endowed Scholarship in 2002, an LGBTQ+ civil rights scholarship that helps law students with a passion for civil rights minimize their student loan debt. The scholarship is named after Levine’s life partner who passed away in 1992. The law school has raised more than $1,100,000 for this endowment since its creation 20 years ago. 

“Receiving the Poilé Scholarship bolstered my confidence not only as a law student but also as a community leader within the LGBTQ+ community,” said Maya Alexandria, a first-year law student and Poilé scholarship recipient. “It is truly an honor to learn from a tenacious LGBTQ+ advocate like Associate Dean Larry Levine.”

Levine helped launch SacLEGAL, Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ Bar Association. He advised McGeorge’s Black Law Students Association for 14 years and has advised the Lambda Law Students Association, a student organization for LGBTQ+ students and allies, since 1996.  

At McGeorge, Levine teaches Torts, Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity and the Law, and Bioethics. Levine has authored several books and articles on the subject of torts. He is the co-author of “A Torts Anthology” and is a co-author of the torts treatise, “Understanding Torts,” and a torts casebook, “Tort Law and Practice.” He has been a frequent panelist, lecturer, and speaker on legal issues involving torts and sexual orientation. 

Maya Alexandria didn’t initially plan to go to law school. But, a 10-minute car ride with Professor Dan Croxall, ’08, and the opportunity to interact and speak with McGeorge School of Law alumni changed the course of her life.

Alexandria balances a full-time job as the Coordinator of Alumni & Decanal Initiatives for McGeorge School of Law and a full course load as a first-year evening law student. She hopes to pursue a career in Intellectual Property Law after graduation. Alexandria, a published poet, wants to be able to advocate on behalf of and protect the interests and creative works of minority artists.

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Jazmin Galvan, ’22, works as the Deputy Political Director for a congressman. She hopes to become a public servant for a government agency after graduating from McGeorge School of Law. In this video, Galvan expresses her gratitude to McGeorge for its inclusive community.

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Third-year law student Krishma Malhotra was drawn to McGeorge School of Law because of the school’s reputation and its alumni network. Malhotra plans to pursue a career in Criminal Law after graduation. She currently serves as president of McGeorge’s Student Bar Association. Malhotra is also a member of the Public Legal Services Society and the Middle Eastern & South Asian Association.

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The Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Pacific McGeorge School of Law prepares students to capably manage the public sector processes and effectively implement public policy decisions. Mat Olson, ’18; Jenny Rodriquez, ’19; Trey Hunter, ’19; and Lacee Solis, ’21, discuss why they decided to get an MPA degree, what drew them to McGeorge, and how their MPA degree helped advance their careers.

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Omar Figueroa, JD ’23, came to McGeorge School of Law with an interest in Public Policy as well as a drive to get into a career where he can give back to the people. Figueroa hopes after graduation to pursue a career in Public Policy and get a jump start on doing legal work for a state agency.

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Sacramento-native April La Torre, JD ’23, decided to go to law school because wanted to make an impact within her community. She chose McGeorge School of Law because of the school’s location and alumni network. During law school, she participated in the Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic and a number of student organizations. During law school, La Torre interned with the Yolo County Public Defender’s Office and the Office of the Public Defender in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

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The Hon. Morrison England, Jr., ’83, shared his journey from being an evening law student at McGeorge School of Law to becoming a judge. He currently serves as a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California. Judge England is a double tiger. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of the Pacific in 1977 and a Juris Doctor from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in 1983.

Judge England said he enjoyed creating lasting friendships with his former professors – some of whom still teach at McGeorge – as an alumnus. In this video, he discusses his career path and offers advice to current law students.

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Third-year law student Alec Peden, ’23, is a member of the Accelerated Honors Program at McGeorge School of Law. The program allows students to complete their JD degree on an accelerated 2.5-year track, instead of the traditional 3-year path.

His passion for the law came to him once he stepped foot into a mock trial class in high school and from there, he couldn’t stay away. Peden shared that after graduation, he plans to take the bar exam and explore how his future in the law field will unfold.

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