Faith Olofintuyi graduated from McGeorge School of Law with an LLM degree in U.S. Law and Policy in 2017. Olofintuyi chose to get an LLM degree to expand his network in the legal community. Olofintuyi is originally from Nigeria, and moved to the U.S. to start his LLM studies.

During his legal studies, Olofintuyi interned at Chevron Corporation in the Bay Area. He was able to land this internship because of the network he built during his time at McGeorge.

After graduation, Olofintuyi chose to get involved with the school’s Alumni Board so he could serve as a voice for international students.

A few factors Olofintuyi found helpful in his decision to attend McGeorge were because of the feel, energy, and weather in Sacramento. Additionally, he said that McGeorge is the place to go if you want more than an education out of your time.

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