McGeorge School of Law has long been a leader in international legal education. Our summer program in Salzburg is one of the United States’ longest-standing law school study-abroad programs. The Global Center for Business & Development hosts annual symposia that examine cutting-edge questions. Our faculty remain deeply engaged with both the theory and practice of international law. We also connect our students with exciting professional opportunities across the globe.

Professor Omar Dajani is the Co-Director of the Global Center for Business and Development, and he has been on the faculty at McGeorge School of Law since 2003. He teaches courses on Constitutional Law and International Law. Before coming to McGeorge, Dajani’s work focused on international negotiations. Professor Jarrod Wong is also a Co-Director, and he has taught at McGeorge for the past 16 years. Wong teaches Contracts and International Law. Prior to coming to McGeorge, Wong served as a legal advisor on the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal at The Hague. Wong has also worked at law firms based in New York and San Francisco.

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