The Masters of Public Administration Program at McGeorge School of Law cemented my desire to pursue a career in public service following graduation in spring 2022. Initially, I was worried I would be at a disadvantage in my classes compared with my peers because I started the program directly after finishing my undergraduate degree at Sacramento State. Most of my colleagues already have established careers and are simply looking to advance their careers. However, since becoming established in the program and getting most of the classes under my belt, I can confidently say that I have learned valuable skills to bring to my future career following graduation next spring.

The professors and the classes I have taken in my time in the program so far have given me the confidence and skills to apply to apply for a position with one of the City of Sacramento’s commissions. This will serve as a great place to make an impact in my local community while also networking and furthering my skills that I have learned while in this program. At 23 years old, I have nearly completed a master’s degree, and I am applying for a four-year term as an elected city commissioner on one of its boards. Following graduation this spring, I intend to either work in the California State Senate or Assembly as a legislative aide for a member. After I have worked for a member for some years, I intend to run for my own seat on the California State Senate or Assembly. Attaining political office in State or Federal politics has always been a dream of mine and, so far, the MPA program at McGeorge has granted me the necessary networking, policy development, communication and analytical skills that will help me serve through roles as a city commissioner, legislative aide and beyond.

The tight-knit community of our students within the MPA and MPP program is what initially attracted me to it and is also something that has served me well. Our classes are relatively small and all the professors take a hands-on, analytical approach to teaching.

If you are considering a career in the public sector, especially one dealing with non-profits, or state and local government, or you are simply trying to advance your already established career, enrolling in this program will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to succeed.

By Zach Bonney, MPA ’22

Bonney is president of the Public Policy and Administration Society and a master’s representative for the McGeorge School of Law Student Bar Association.